Our team consists of young professionals with a blend of experience covering academic research, the public service and social wok. 

Via Sport Operations Managers

Our operations team manages day-to-day operations and is responsible for overseeing volunteer activities. 


    Sports Program Officer     Resident Director & Co-Founder          Operations Officer                        

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  Hendra adi brata              Dimas bala-rena             bushido bhimantra


 Via Sport Co-Founders

Our Executive team manages the operations of our program, cultivates partnerships with relevant organisations and is responsible for the growth of our program. 


Director Business Development        Director Internal Operations          Director External Operations               Director Legal Affairs

Via Sport team member

 Alexander Horton             rory brown                   david schmidtke           Nick parry-jones


Via Sport Board Members

Our Board provides us with strategic advice on growing our organisation.


Via Sport sports diplomacy team member
Via Sport sports diplomacy team member

             Christy Simanjuntak                  Dr Abi Badejo                       Elena Williams


Together our team is committed to ensuring quality volunteer and educational programs to over 400 Indonesian students per week. Through a collective effort, we strive to reduce barriers preventing sports participation while creating a positive and inclusive social infrastructure allowing cultural exchange and learning.