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Via Sport has set the goal that we will raise women's participation in Sport by 20% by 2020 in Denpasar, Indonesia.

Ok but Why?

With the support of the Australian Government, Via Sport ran a three month sports development program between January and March 2018 in Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia) as one of our sports Diplomacy Projects. 


Our project data included 146 young women from six schools and differing socio-economic backgrounds, and showed that there was a 20% increase in women's participation in sport due to our program.

We also found that the greatest barrier to female sports participation was the lack of sports infrastructure, including access to coaches, equipment and places to play.


So with your help Via Sport is going to scale our program so that we can reach 20,000 young women in Bali by 2020 to raise female participation in sport by 20%.

How Do We Do That?

With $10,000 (AUD) we can build an online sports education program that can be accessed across multiple devices and has the potential to reach thousands!!


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And What Were Those Reasons Again?


1. Sport can be a vehicle for achieving community and individual development outcomes. Sports activities have also been associated with achieving structured changes within a positive youth-development framework providing an ideal environment for reengaging youths.


2. Determinants of sports participation include gender, ethnicity and geography. Associated gender inequalities in sport have been found to be interlocked with structural inequalities such as sport being ‘unfeminine thus creating a polarising effect that leads to sports discontinuation’.


3. Preventing sports discontinuation. Research findings suggest that international change agents must fulfil the following nine participatory approach measures to prevent sports discontinuation during the inter-community process. These responsibilities include: “community participation; a trust builder; a networker; a leader; a socially responsible advocate; a resource developer; a proactive innovator; a financial supporter; and a strategic planner for the long-term sustainability of projects".


4. The health benefits of sport. Sports participation has also been associated with higher grades and self-esteem as well as favourable adolescence risk profiles, college enrolments and the reduction in disease risk over a lifetime.


5. Did we mention that we are bringing the game of AFL to Indonesia in a way that has yet to be seen EVER IN THE HISTORY OF AFL? The AFL Womens League kicked off in February 2017 and by the end of 2020, the competition will grow by 6 teams, to include 14 teams in total! Via Sport is committed to creating women's equality and with as little as $10,000 could see AFL Women's competitions popping up all over Indonesia - and who knows where from there!   


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